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2022-23 Narbonne High School Clubs and Organizations


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Junior Class Council Ms. Aldridge
Isabella Payumo
Thursdays, every other week in O4 Our goal is to discuss class of 2024 matters and events and fundraise for our senior year.
Eco-Club Ms. Martinovich
Isabella Payumo
Every other Thursday, B-3 Our purpose is to give students the opportunity to be more environmentally conscience in their every day lives.
Sophomore Class Council Ms. Aldridge
Ariana Wu, Kishi Johnson
Mondays at lunch in O4 Sophomore Class Council represents the class of 2025, and makes decisions regarding activities, fundraisers and more!
Cycle-Ops Ms. Tamayo
McDiel Wuotto
Every other Monday and Every Wednesday in G6 Have an overall positive impact in our environment and ourselves.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Mrs. Martinovich
Jade Abrica
Monday during lunch in B3 FCA is for students by students. Our purpose is to give Christian students and those interested a group of peers who can support and keep each other accountable while sharing the same faith. We talk about real world topics and discuss how to approach life while living as a Christian.
Narbonne KIWINS Mr. Arreola
Jade Abrica
Monday after school in O3 Narbonne KIWINS is a service club connected to Key Club International. Our goal is to serve our community while building members’ leadership skills, confidence, and service skills. We have scholarship and service opportunities
Academic Decathlon Mr. Rosenberger
Preston Onuselogu
Wednesday at lunch and after school in B7 Members will represent Narbonne High School in the Academic Decathlon.
Narbonne Narbot Robotics and Engineering Mr. Paskowitz
Gabriela Chagoya-Cisneros
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 3:20-5:30 pm in F4 The mission of this club shall be to encourage special interest, to develop loyal pupil citizenship, to promote trustworthy leadership, and to install exemplary qualities of character in the pupils of Narbonne High School. This club will offer a space for students to work and learn through hands-on projects.
UNICEF Mrs. Ahlawat
Katelyn Requeno
Once a month on Thursday at lunch in O7 Narbonne Unicef's purpose is to help raise funds for children.
Narbonne Theatre Production Mrs. Martinovich
Dominique Murillo
[email protected]
Wednesdays at Lunch in B3 The goal of NTP is to bring students together creatively. Students of all abilities are welcome to partake in a diverse Our goal is to kickstart a secure theatre program in Narbonne.
Black Student Union Amber Smith, Angelique Douglas, Bree Wilkerson
Thursdays at lunch in A9 The Black Student Union promotes the social, political, cultural, and intellectual development of students at Narbonne through diversity, academics, and community service. We welcome members of all ethnic and cultural groups who are willing to advocate for the freedom of Black people everywhere.
The MultiCultural Club Ms. Tamayo
Julissa Ferreira
Remind: @themcdc
Every Thursday at lunch in G6 An encouraging environment where you learn of different cultures and express their beauties.
Mental Health Awareness Club Cheryl Kono
Banessa Ramirez
Thursdays during lunch in B3 MHAC strives to break down stigma surrounding mental health and illnesses as well as bring awareness to topics that affect mental health yet are usually avoided such as (but not limited to) substance abuse and eating disorders
Senior Class Council Ms. Aldridge
Alexi Ortega
Once a month during lunch Senior Class Council will work to create and promote Unity, Pride, and Academic Achievement amongst the graduating class. We also have plans to fundraise and create events for the senior class
Film Club Mr. Widman
Evangelina Lopez
Monday & Friday at lunch in O2 We meet to discuss movies/shows, on the side I'd like to bring people who want to create films together
FIDM Fashion Club Ms. Stagnaro
Carolina Orozco
Tuesdays at lunch and Fridays after school in D2 The purpose of our club is to bring people who love fashion together and to express our interests through our individuality and through our creativity. As a club we will meet others with the same interests and do different activities that relate to a future in fashion.
Narbonne Garden Club Mrs. Rodriguez
Evelyn Larios
Monday and Wednesday during lunch, Friday after school in the Garden. To educate students on how to grow organic gmo free produce to be self efficient and to spread information on keeping the environment healthy
Chess Club Mrs. Ahlawat
Genelle Abella
[email protected] Fridays at lunch in O7 To provide a welcoming environment that allows students interested in chess to learn and develop their skills and to create a community of people with knowledge and interest in chess so that they may compete and develop their skills with one another.
MEChA Mrs. Twine
Andrea Guerrero
Tuesdays at lunch in S8 The purpose of the club is to educate its members and the community about Mexico, encourage members to become community leaders by obtaining a college education, and to create a space of social and art intersect.
Narbonne Prep Scholars Mr. Coe
Andrea Guerrero
Every other Tuesday at lunch in O1 Narbonne Prep Scholars is a supportive space that aims to help promising students from underserved communities and equips them with the resources, support, and academic skills required for success through high school, college, and career.
Feminist Club Mrs. Botiller
Ekene Duru
[email protected] Mondays at lunch in O8 We envision a world in which all girls and young women, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential.
National Honor Society Ms. Aldridge
Jasmine Avilez Lara
Monthly on Tuesdays at lunch in O4 NHS strives to promote academics, achievement,  and community service